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Click here for an alternate version of MERLIN Online if there are technical problems with the map displayed when the "INTERACTIVE MAP" tab above is selected. We plan to transition to this alternate version and will post an updated User Guide. The new version works best in the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

Maryland's Environmental Resources and Land Information Network

MERLIN Online was originally developed back in the late 1990s because of everyone's "hunger" for spatial data. It was also developed to help them make better informed decisions. MERLIN Online allows users to produce a custom map of any location in Maryland, including their choice of base maps and data layers.

With the advancement of online mapping technologies and the vast amount of spatial data available, this newest version of MERLIN Online takes advantage of those technologies to ensure the user has the best mapping experience with the most recent data available. This version enables users to navigate across county boundaries and to set the transparency of the data layers, among many other improvements.

For the advanced user, data available in MERLIN Online is available as "services" that can be incorporated into many desktop GIS applications. More information can be found at the MD iMap Portal Instructions for adding services to GIS programs can be found at

MERLIN Online should be used for guidance purposes only.




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